What is Glimesh?

What is Glimesh?

Glimesh is a next generation streaming platform built by the community, for the community. We know establishing a following is hard and the hours are long. Our platform focuses on increasing discoverability for content creators and implementing the latest in streaming technology to level the playing field. We understand the importance of interaction between content creators and their fans and we’re dedicated to innovating new ways to bring communities closer together.

Why make this project?

The core inspiration of this project has been equality. There are two main problems with existing streaming websites: they take too much of a cut and the gap between streamers is great. Glimesh is our chance to make this right, and build a platform that puts the streamers & community first, not the advertisers.

What makes Glimesh unique?

Glimesh is built by the community, for the community. We are an Open Company dedicated to putting true transparency and openness first. Come see for yourself by joining our Discord!
You can find more detail what about makes Glimesh unique here: https://blog.glimesh.tv/posts/2021-04-26-what-makes-glimesh-unique/

How can I help?

Easy! Join us in Discord and look for the #volunteers channel and let us know what you can do.