Streamer Quick Stop

Common Streamer Related Questions

For more in depth information regarding your streams, please head over to the streamer resources section of our support site here:

1. How do I get alerts and commands on my stream?
A: For Streamlabs donations, your alerts will work. For all other alerts with SLOBS/OBS, you will need an external bot. We have a variety of community made bots that work alongside Glimesh for alerts, which you can find a list of here: , and get more information in our #community-projects section in the Glimesh Discord.

2. The bot I selected from the community-projects is not working, how do I fix this?
A: Please reach out to them directly either via their website / email contact, or in our #community-projects section. Glimesh cannot help with this matter directly.

3. Where do I find my stream key?
A: You will find your stream key in your channel settings. It will look like this:

4. Are there any affiliate/partnership programs?
A: Glimesh believes in a level playing field for everyone. We have no affiliate or partnership programs.

5. Are there any restrictions on where I can share my Glimesh content?
A: On Glimesh, your content is YOURS. We hold no exclusivity over your content, so if you want to restream, or upload immediately to other sources, you absolutely can. 

6. How do I upload images and customize my profile?
A: Profiles work using markdown, we have a guide here:
We also have an official video guide here:
Feel free to head over to our #community-designs channel in the Glimesh Discord if you need more help.

8. What is the recommended size for the chat background image?
A: We recommend 200px x 200px or 250px x 250px for an optimal background fit, as the image is intended to tile.

9. What are the recommended stream settings?

If you are having disconnection issues, your bitrate is likely fluctuating too far over 6000. We recommend dropping this down slightly to prevent this. You can also check out our troubleshooting guides here:

10. I can go live but I get disconnected constantly. What should I do?
A: First, check the #announcements channel in the Glimesh Discord to make sure there are no known server issues. If there are no server issues, check your bitrate, as a bitrate of 6000 will naturally fluctuate above and below that. If it's fluctuating too far over, our servers will kick you off. Try lowering your bitrate to 5000 and see how that goes.

If that does not work, please head over to our Discord and open a ticket with #streaming-help where our team will be happy to help advise you further. 

11. The game I play uses music which may be DMCA-able, is it safe to play?
A: It depends on whether the game has broadcast rights to the music. Some games do offer the option to turn off music which is not allowed to be streamed. If you are unsure, please refer to our DMCA Guide here: If you are still unsure, best to work on the side of caution and turn the music in question off.

12. Will Glimesh work with XSplit?
A: Not at the moment. However, Xsplit is looking into re-introducing FTL into their program.

13. Does Lightstream work with Glimesh?
A: Lightstream currently does not work with Glimesh. It would be up to Lightstream to offer up integration support. Feel free to help us reach out to them to request this feature!

14. Will Restream work with Glimesh?
A: Not presently, as we are an FTL only platform. We recommend for your restreaming, as they are fully compatible with Glimesh.

15. Does Glimesh have RTMP support?
A: Not as of now, and we do not plan to integrate it any time soon. FTL is the main-focus of the platform.

16: Will there be bots available to use on Glimesh?
A: If you go to the main Glimesh Discord (, head over to the #glimesh-projects channel where a few of our users are curently developing bots for Glimesh!