OBS/Streamlabs Desktop FAQ's

OBS/Streamlabs Desktop Quick Answer Guide

For an more in depth answers regarding OBS/Streamlabs Desktop, stream settings section of the support site here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/7-stream-settings.
If you are having issues once you are live you can check out our troubleshooting guides here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/37-troubleshooting-guides

1. Will Glimesh work with OBS?
A: Yes. You should now see this appearing natively. However if you do not, an alternative way to add Glimesh into your service list is by using the patcher, provided here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/7-stream-settings/112-adding-glimesh-as-a-stream-service-in-obs-or-streamlabs-desktop.

2. Will Glimesh work with Streamlabs OBS/Streamlabs Desktop?
A: If you are on version 1.6.3 or later Glimesh will appear in the "show all services" list (see below). If you are running an earlier version and do not wish to update you will need to run our patcher to add us into your service list, a guide can be found here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/7-stream-settings/112-adding-glimesh-as-a-stream-service-in-obs-or-streamlabs-desktop.

If you find the patcher isn't working, here are some troubleshooting points for Streamlabs Desktop:

- Make sure you are running the patcher as Administrator.

- Make sure you have checked the “Show all services” box.

- Check your e-mail is verified with Glimesh.

- Have you made sure to unzip the file so that you can run the file ending .exe?

3. I have tried everything to get OBS and Streamlabs Desktop to let me go live, and it’s still not working, what should I do?
A: The number one reason that you can’t go live is that the servers are currently overworked or restarting. Try another server and see if it works then. The latency should not be affected that much by it. For updates, please keep your eyes on the #announcement channel on our Discord or the yellow pop-up on our website. If you can’t find any solution to this, please open up a ticket via the #streaming-help channel.

4. Can I get my chat to work in OBS?

5. Can I dock my channel settings such as Tags into my OBS?
A: Yes, you can add your Tags, Category and Stream Title to OBS, a full guide and video are here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/7-stream-settings/115-custom-obs-dock-updating-channel-title-stream-category-and-tags-in-obs.

6. What's the Server URL/RTMP address for Glimesh?
A: Glimesh has now implemented low latency RTMP. You can get more information on how to set this up here: https://build.glimesh.tv/t/rtmp-testing-information/528 if you have any issues with this please reach out in Discord.