Payments & Subscriptions Overview

Payment and Subscription Questions

We have more in depth information regarding payments here: and about channel subscriptions here:

Please note any payment related queries cannot be answered in discord, please email:
1. How can I set up my sub button?
A: First up, make sure you are on the list of countries which is eligible for a sub button:

If you are on that list, head on over to the payments section and go through the set up offered within there.

2. Can I use paypal as a payment option?
A: Currently, our only supported payment portal is Stripe. However, if you have a PayPal business account, you can connect Stripe with your PayPal debit card.

3. How do subscription payments work?
A: Subscription payments are biweekly and there is no minimum payout. Breakdowns on subscriptions can be seen in our sub breakdown here:

4. I want to donate money directly to Glimesh, can I do this?
A: We do not accept direct donations via PayPal or other payment platforms. However, we offer you two types of platform subscriptions, which will give you fancy perks on Glimesh itself. They can be found when you click on your username and profile picture on the top right corner and then click “upgrade: . All the money from this goes directly to the platform. Another way to support us in that regard is by subscribing to your favourite content creators. The sub-cut is 60/40 (in favour of the streamer!), Glimesh itself pays the processing fees. The rest of it will directly go to the platform as well.

You can also support us by purchasing a Glimesh t-shirt from