Moderation and Reporting Quick Tips

Moderation and Reporting Quick Tips

You can find more detailed information regarding moderation here: and reporting here:

1. How can I ban someone while I am offline?
A:   At this point you can only ban users from your chat after they've typed a message into your chat or followed you, via the hammer symbol next to their avatar.

2. How do I report a channel?
A: You can report a channel by clicking the report button just under the stream.

3. How do I report a user?
A: Report a user by clicking their name to be taken to their profile page and clicking the report user button.

4. How do I unban someone?
A: Both banning and unbanning is covered here:

5. How do I make someone a mod/remove a moderator?

6. Is there a way to untimeout someone?
A: Currently this is not possible, the only way to do this is wait for the timeout to end. Moderation settings will be getting a rework though.

7. How do I clear chat history?
A: Currently there is no mass clear. For now, if this is your own channel, you can set it up so that anyone new to the channel or if the page refreshes they will only see the past 5 messages posted within the last hour - useful for making sure chat is cleared between streams. If you want to entirely clear your chat immediately you can see 5 messages in your channel and time yourself out (don't worry you won't be timed out!) but this will clear chat immediately for you.