Moderation and Reporting Quick Tips

Moderation and Reporting Quick Tips

You can find more detailed information regarding moderation here: and reporting here:

1. How can I ban someone while I am offline?
A:   At this point you can only ban users from your chat after they've typed a message into your chat or followed you, via the hammer symbol next to their avatar.

2. How do I report a channel?
A: You can report a channel by clicking the report button just under the stream.

3. How do I report a user?
A: Report a user by clicking their name to be taken to their profile page and clicking the report user button.

4. How do I unban someone?
A: Both banning and unbanning is covered here:

5. How do I make someone a mod/remove a moderator?

6. Is there a way to untimeout someone?
A: Currently this is not possible, the only way to do this is wait for the timeout to end. Moderation settings will be getting a rework though.

7. How do I clear chat history?
A: Currently there is no mass clear. For now, if this is your own channel, send 5 messages and then time yourself out. When you refresh the chat will be cleared, and as it's your own channel you will not be affected by the timeout.