Platform Use & Features

Platform Use & Features 

1. How can I tell who is a channel subscriber?
A: They will have a little purple icon with a trophy next to their name in your chat.

2. How do I ‘tag’ someone in chat?
A: Simply typing the user’s name in full will tag them, however there is no autofill at this time. The tag is shown by a red border around the text box.

3. Is there a whisper/DM feature?
A: At this moment in time, this is not possible.

4. Why can’t I see the follow button?
A: The most common reason for being unable to see the follow button is use of an AD blocker. We recommend turning this off or whitelisting Glimesh (we currently don’t have any ads).

5. How do I receive notifications when someone goes live?
A: You can click the bell icon next to the follow button on each streamers channel to turn go live notifications on. At this time, the notification is sent via email. Be sure to also allow notifications via email in your settings here: 

You can find more information regarding how to enable notifications here:

6. How can I search by username on the platform?
A: You can do this here: