General Queries

General Queries

1. I have a problem with my account, who should I contact?
A: For account support, please reach out to

2. I can’t watch livestreams/the player won’t load properly. What now?
A: The number one reason why the streams won’t load is the usage of a VPN service. VPN services interfere with the FTL protocol, so you would need to deactivate them until we fix the issue. If you are using the Opera GX browser, then there is a high chance of them not loading too. We are currently working on fixing that problem as well. Also, please check the #announcements channel on the Discord, so that you are always up to date with current server problems. If none of those should help, please try to run your browser in incognito mode. If it works then, there might be another add-on/extension that is blocking the streams.

3. How can I change my username?
A: To change your username, please email

4. How do you pronounce Glimesh?
A: It’s pronounced like Glim (short i) mesh. Glim like the point of light, or like glimmer.

5. When was Glimesh formed?
A: Glimesh was founded July 24th 2020.

6. What is the story behind the name Glimesh?
A: To understand this, you need to break the name Glimesh into two parts:
Glim, chosen from the word Glimmer: Points of Light.
Mesh: Points all connected together.
Therefore, Glimesh: Points of light connected together. The light you ask? Well, that’s each and every person in our community. Through Glimesh, you all come together and connect to help make us what we are.

7. I have feedback for improvements, where should I offer these?
A: Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Head over to our #suggestions channel in our Discord to leave your suggestions for improvement, alternatively feel free to start up a conversation in our suggestions forum on Building Glimesh.

8. Why when I go into a stream is it auto-muted?
A: As we are a new site, many browsers do not yet trust us so we have to start muted by default. As we grow and become more known this will change.