Business & Marketing Questions

For business development queries, including if you are a business wanting looking to work with Glimesh, please reach out to our BizDev team:

You can find an in depth look at our approach to the platform here:

1. How is Glimesh going to compete with other platforms in the long run? What do you believe you can provide in regards to something different or unique that other platforms haven’t done or failed to do?

A: Well, it depends on what you care about when it comes to a streaming platform. We’re very unique in our care and concern for your data, and respecting your rights as a user. All of our company operations are transparent and open for anyone to learn about, and we are fully open source as well.

From a feature perspective, we’re hyper focused on truly live streams and we are pioneering sub second stream latency for all users in a scalable way. We don’t lock any critical features behind any kind of popularity walls, or microtransactions. We’re also driven to make all streamers discoverable, because your success is our success!

2. How does Glimesh hope to bring viewers in? What are your marketing plans?

A: Our goal is to focus on having a live, diverse, and friendly platform where new users feel right at home after visiting your stream. We’ll need to work hard to ensure that those who visit us early in our Alpha continue to come back to the site, and make sure they know how they can find new content to watch. By showcasing all of our diverse streaming types directly in the nav bar, users can also immediately visit new types of streams they may be unaware exist.

We also recognize that your growth as a streamer is our growth as a platform and we should do everything possible to make sure you are successful on Glimesh. For streamers who fully embrace the Glimesh values, we also want to partner with you to provide free advertising to you on all of our social media outlets and other internet advertising. We want to build strong relationships with streamers, brands, and other companies that we can partner with to find new users to bring to our platform.

3. What plans does Glimesh have for the future?

A: As we grow, we’re understanding the true importance of clearly communicating our goals and objectives as well as providing a single source of truth for any status updates. You can find our most recent roadmap here:

The aim is to have a Beta Ready product working for the majority of case uses by the end of Phase 3 Alpha.

4. How can I keep up to date with what is happening on Glimesh?

A: Discord:


Monthly Meetings:

Building Glimesh Forum:

Glimesh Blog:

5. Will Glimesh use my content in advertising? If yes, how so?

A: The Terms of Service that binds your usage of our website gives us permission to use your content for advertising, redistribution, storage, and more. However, we want to form strong bonds with streamers so they appreciate us using their content to grow the platform and their stream.

6. Will everyone have the opportunity to get a sub button? What are the requirements for a sub button?

A: Yes! We’re offering subscriptions to all users in supported countries. The only requirement to set up your banking details is verifying your identity with our 3rd party and waiting for your bank to be connected. In addition, you are ultimately in control of your own stream so you can also disable your subscription button at will.

We are currently supporting 55 countries which you can find more about here:

8. Will you support Paypal?

A: Currently our primary focus is around Direct Debit & ACH (account & routing) to support the majority of users.

9. Will there be a different type of membership for channel subscribers, much like Patreon and YouTube?

A: Currently we have 2 types of subscription: Platform Subscriptions, and subscriptions to the streamer.

With platform subscriptions we have 2 types $5 and $25, billed monthly. 100% of income from platform subscriptions goes directly back into Glimesh.

For streamer subscriptions, the cost is $5/mo with a split of 40/60 to Glimesh and the Streamer, with Glimesh covering the processing fees!

You can find more details about these types of subscription in our subscriptions overview here:

10. Will there be an alpha/beta period for streamers to sign up and stream before launch?

A: We have launched in Alpha state to everyone! You can get signed up and go live now over on

11. Will Glimesh be a publicly traded company?

A: Way too early to think about this. There is a lot of discussion to be had about this, but the current thought is we’ll probably be more aligned with a cooperative or employee owned company.