Community Questions

1. Can you make a community group for a group of streamers with similar interests and goals?

A: We’re very interested in exploring how we can create communities as a built in feature of the website. However, it is not currently in the alpha roadmap.

2. How will view counts be handled? Will you require viewers to have the audio on?

A: We don’t have anything that rewards you for viewer count (we don’t sort by viewer count, award features, etc), so right now we just show the number of unique browser connections to the player.

You will also count as a viewer no matter how many streams you have open (please note this is unique views, multiple tabs for the same streamer will only count once), whether you have that stream muted or are tabbed out. You can support your streamers your way here on Glimesh.

3. How do you plan on dealing with bots on the platform, either in chat or causing inflated numbers?

A: On Glimesh, we’re not directly tying numbers like viewership, or follows into any measure of success, so view botting really doesn’t matter. However we understand the importance of these numbers for you to understand how you are doing, so we’re going to combat unauthorized robots by requiring users to validate their emails and fill out a captcha to do certain tasks on the website.

4. Will discoverability be a main focus of the platform. And will streamers be able to co-stream with each other, regardless of channel size?

A: Discoverability is a main focus of our platform. During our initial launch it will be extremely easy to find new content to watch. However as we grow this becomes more of a problem, and we want to experiment with a couple of different options for making it easy to find new and smaller streams. From the very beginning we are working hard on making streaming equitable for all, so you don’t have to compete with unfair advantages.

Some of the features we have included to help discoverability are a front page carousel of streamers which rotates every hour. This is an opt in basis with some eligibility requirements. You can find out how to do this here:

A further feature is that each section will be sorted randomly with no preference given to size of streamer, every time you refresh you will see a different set of streamers higher up the page. This is to give everyone an equal chance at being seen and also encourage viewers to check out different content.

5. Will you have a “store” so others can publish / consume content like chatbots, tutorials, or design resources?

A: Not currently. However in the future we have discussed a marketplace where users can facilitate the distribution of various content you can use on your stream or on the platform. We’re still very much in the early planning phases. You can head to our discord in the mean time and ask up in #community-projects for information on which community made bots are available for you to use on Glimesh.

6. Are users that are banned able to read chats or will the chats be inaccessible like on Twitch?

A: Banning a user from your stream, or a user getting banned from the platform does not prohibit them from consuming your content and chat. Even if we blocked those users from your chat, they would be able to logout or use a VPN to continue to access your content.