How do I get involved?

Thank you for your interest in getting involved! 

We want to make contributing to Glimesh a very simple process. The easiest way to get involved is to join us in our Discord. We have a section labeled as Building Glimesh; here you will find all the channels we use to publicly build Glimesh. This is the best place to begin looking and find where your unique skill set can be utilized. The channels are sorted as listed below: 

#business is where discussions will be about business practices, terms of service, legal, tax, and financial aspects of the company. If you have any experience and want to help with any of those topics please to jump in the discussions.

#design is where our visual or auditory designs happen. If at any time you are inspired to create a Glimdrop, have a visual design for a certain aspect of the site, want to offer some work for proof of concepts on ideas, or have some other visual or auditory designs feel free to post here. Also from time to time there may be specific assets being sought after that you can feel free to throw in an idea for that particular piece.

#dev is for those who want to contribute to the code of the site and service. This is where you’ll find all things coding. We are completely open source and are willing to let anyone help out where they can. If you want to have a go at bringing a new feature into the website, or help with our ongoing projects. You can also get assistance, ask questions and share your ideas and thoughts on how the development of Glimesh is progressing.

#product is for all things non-dev related, for example; how a feature might work or for researching details about specific features.

#translators is the last channel in that section. This is for translating the site. We have a tool that allows us to translate most of the site into other languages. If you’d like to be a part of that process feel free to message in there and someone will help get you started.

Since we are an open source company you can also check out our Github You can browse through the repositories, and we encourage you to join the discussions that interest you there. Issues and Discussions can be found in the menu bar after clicking on a repository. Any issues you think you can help with feel free to post there and if you have anything to share in the discussions feel free to.

If you'd like to join the Glimesh Community Team, helping answer questions and provide a safe, fair, and inclusive streaming platform, the application form is here:

Even if you don't see anything you think suits you, definitely come and say hello anyway. There are new opportunities opening up all the time and we are always looking for new ideas, feedback, and discussions.

Hope to see you around soon!