Moderation guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about moderating your chat on Glimesh.

Part I: How to add someone as a moderator

Step 1: Settings

Head over to the Moderators tab in your settings

Step 2: Add Moderator

Click on Add Moderator on the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Search Username and add permissions

Enter the username of the person you want to make a moderator.

Under it, you can add as many or as few permissions as needed to fit your stream. 

Hit save once you have selected the correct user and permissions. 

You should now see a blue bar at the top of the screen to show you the moderator has been updated successfully. 

Part II: Moderation overview

You can view and change all the permissions given to each Channel Moderator, access their individual audit logs, view all Channel Bans, and view the entire Channel Moderation Log.

View Individual Moderators Audit Log and change permissions

Click Show on the mod you want to view
  • Next to the user, you can edit the permissions list. Do not forget to press save.
  • The mod audit log will be listed under their info with the action taken, user, and timestamp. 

Part III: Mod tools

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chat moderation

Chat moderation tools play a vital part in managing your chat. Only the streamer and added moderators have access to them, depending on their given moderation permissions.

We currently have four core moderation tools. In the chat, you can see icons next to the profile pictures, shown in the image below.

  • The trashcan icon [1] will delete a the message from chat.

  • The timer icon [2] will give the user a short timeout, which lasts five minutes.

  • The clock icon [3] will give the user a long timeout, lasting fifteen minutes.

  • The hammer icon [4] will ban the user. More information on banning is available in this support article.

Using any of the moderation tools will make the action appear in the streamer's moderation log, so the streamer has an insight into what actions were done by the mods.
Please note that using those tools will remove all the messages the user previously sent forever.

Chat settings

In the chat settings, you can set some rules and requirements for your chat. You can find them in your Channel settings, next to the chat rules.

  • If you want new viewers to see only the 5 newest messages of the last hour, then set the settings for “Show recent chat messages only” to yes. If you deactivate it, the generally last 5 messages will be shown- no matter how long ago they were posted.
  • You also have control over posted links. You can allow them to be posted, or deactivate them completely. Then messages containing links won’t be posted in your chat. If you allow links in your chat, you can also choose if those should be clickable or not. Non-clickable links require users to manually copy and paste them into the URL bar. 
  • Depending on your settings, accounts need to have their email confirmed and/or need to exist for at least x amount of hours.