How do I ban/unban someone?

Banning users from your channel is an important feature to keep your chat healthy. With this feature, you prevent users from interacting with your chat. But how do you ban on Glimesh? Let me show you, it's not complicated.

In order to ban people from your channel, you need to have your chat open. Only the channel owner and moderators will be able to see moderation icons. One of them is a little hammer symbol next to the username in a chat message, marked orange in the picture below. Just click it if you want to ban the user.

After clicking it a pop-up will appear in the middle of your screen, asking you to confirm this action in order to prevent any mishaps. Make sure you don't have any pop-up blockers activated!
Banning users will completely remove their previously sent messages. So make sure to take a screenshot if you want to report them for breaking the Terms of Services, evidence helps us a lot! Banning people from your chat does not automatically report them to us and please do not confuse it with a global ban.

After banning the user, the action will appear in your channels ban list and moderation log, which is located here:
There you will see who banned them, the username of the banned person, the time it happened.

Now that you know how to do it, you can battle trolls and rule breakers with ease.


You can unban someone at any time by navigating to your moderation log: and looking under channel bans. Simply click the red unban button to reverse the ban at any time! 

Unbans will also be recorded in your moderation log to help you keep track.  

Important information regarding bans

Banning a user from your stream, or a user getting banned from the platform does not prohibit them from consuming your content and chat. Even if we blocked those users from your chat, they would be able to logout or use a VPN to continue to access your content.