Tags - What are they and how to use them

What are tags?

Tags are the way we on Glimesh tell the world what we are streaming, and how the viewers search for the types of streams they wish to watch. 

How do tags work?

Tags are what allow you to reach out and let people know about your stream and are how viewers are able to filter content they want to see when browsing streams. 

They should reflect you and your stream and let people see at a glance what your stream is all about.  Don’t be afraid to personalise it either, your community has a nickname for itself? Include it! Play variety games? Tag yourself up as variety. Bearded? Get that added on there too. Make those tags reflect you and your stream, and if you can’t find a tag that fits, add it yourself!. You’ll find them in your channel settings.

The dropdown allows you to see what tags are currently popular in your selected category. 

Use a single letter in the search bar to bring up all tags beginning with that letter. 

The number of uses is displayed next to each tag, allowing you to decide what may be a more popular option for you to use. 

Changing tags

Tags can be changed at any time while you are live either, just click the 'x' to remove a tag and type in another! (Be sure to click update once you have added your new tags)

Tags are specific to the category you choose, so if you move categories, you will need to input new tags. This allows you to see what is the top trending tags amongst the category you are in, so gaming trends don't clog up art for example, and vice versa. 

You can change your tags from your channel settings, alternatively you can do this directly from your channel page: 

Click the edit button in your channel: 

This will create a pop up where you can easily edit your stream information: 

Why should I use tags?

Discoverability. Not only does it allow people scrolling the categories to see at a glance what your stream is about, but when a viewer searches, they also do this via the tag system, so if you want people to be able to find you, be sure to include some tags. 

How do I use the Tags to search?

At the top of each of the categories you will see a box which allows you to search by tags, just type in here what you are looking for and people who are using those tags will appear.