How do I upload my own static/animated emotes?

Before you upload your emotes to Glimesh, there are some important specifications you need to know:


These must be in SVG format with a maximum file size of 256kB. There is no image size or resolution limit, provided the file size is kept below maximum.

Animated Emotes

These must be in GIF format and square in shape with a minimum dimension of 128x128, and a maximum dimension of 256x256. Animated emotes should also have a maximum file size of 1MB.

If you find that your emote is not uploading, please check that it meets the above criteria. If it does not meet this, please amend it so that it can upload. If your emote does meet all the above and still is not working, please email or reach out to our bugs channel via discord.

Emotes and animated emotes must always abide by our terms of service and rules of conduct and are reviewed manually by the Glimesh Community Team before approval is made.

Emotes can currently only be used on your channel, and can be used by anyone in your chat. More tools are coming to make this fully customizable in the future, including platform wide use and subscriber only use - the choice will be entirely in your hands.

How to upload your emotes to Glimesh

1. Navigate to the right side of your screen and click on your profile picture. In the drop down menu, click on Settings.

2. In your settings, navigate to the left side and click on the Emotes tab which is under the channel section.

3. Here, you will be greeted with the emote dashboard, which we will now cover in more detail.

Emote Settings

Here you will set your emote prefix, a unique identifier that makes your emotes yours, and when typing the emote into chat will be used. You can see an example of how this will look later on in this guide. Your prefix should be 5 characters long, and will be unique to you. If your chosen prefix is already taken, the system will tell you and you’ll need to choose a different prefix.

Once you have chosen your prefix, be sure to click save to save the preferences.

Uploading emotes

1. After checking that your emote/animated emote meets the specifications required, click “Choose File” and navigate to where your chosen emote is located. Select your file, and click open.

2. After doing so, your emote/animated emote will appear on your dashboard as seen in the example above. Here you will be able to adjust the name of your emote, see how it will look named alongside your chosen prefix, and preview the overall look of your emote. Once you are happy with all of this, click upload.

3. You will now see a section for your submitted emotes. As the alert box on the screen above shows you, this is now pending approval from the Glimesh Community Team. The community team will check your emote to make sure that it is following our terms of service and rules of conduct before approving it for use on the platform.

4. Once your emote has been approved, you will be able to see this via your dashboard under either Static or Animated emotes.

5. Enjoy your new emote! Use it in chat, let your community know and get them to use it as well!

Removing your uploaded emote

If you change your mind regarding an emote you have uploaded, you can remove it at any time! Simply click the red ‘X’ next to the emote you wish to remove, and click OK in the pop up box when prompted.