How to Manage Notifications

How to manage notifications

Here we are going to give you a quick guide on how to manage which notifications you recieve from Glimesh and what each of these notifications mean. 

1. Navigate to your username and profile picture in the top right corner on the screen and click on it, then click on settings.

2. In your settings page click on the notifications option in the menu on the left side of the screen.

3a. In your notifications page you will see a variety of options.

Firstly we have newsletter subscriptions. You can toggle this on if you wish to receive general marketing emails from Glimesh such as surveys and newsletters.

Secondly is live channel notifications. This will allow us to send you an email whenever one of your favourite streamers goes live. Toggling this on does not mean you will receive emails for every streamer, you will need to click the little bell icon next to the follow button in each streamers channel that you wish to receive notifications for (see 3b)

The final section on this page is your email log, which allows you to keep track of the past 50 emails from Glimesh, what type they were, what the subject was and even when they were sent.


You can toggle these on and off whenever you choose.