Getting your stream featured on the homepage

Getting shown on the Glimesh homepage is an optional feature. It is deactivated by default.

Here is how you can opt-in!

First, go to your channel settings. There you need to scroll down to the end of the page. Under the "Homepage" section, you will find the following requirements to enable it.

  • Show on Homepage must be checked
  • Must have streamed for at least 10 hours total on Glimesh
  • No previous disciplinary actions
  • Current stream must be live for at least 15 minutes

Every hour, six random streams who opted in for it will show up on the homepage. The category does not matter in that regard. If you get chosen for it, you will be featured the entire hour. The slot is reserved for you until the next rotation. So do not worry if you have connection issues or have to restart the stream, the slot will be reserved for you and you will show up again, once you're live again.