Update Your Payout Information

This guide is for changing where your subcriptions earnings are paid out too only

To update your credit card information you will need to go under settings and select Payments

You will then be able to scroll down to Your Subscriptions and select the blue "View on Stripe button"

Before you can access your Stripe portal, they will us the information you provided them when setting up your account to send you a verification code. Once you enter the code it will take you to your payment portal. 

Your payment portal will look like the picture below. Under the Payouts tab you will see the present banking information. To the right of your information you will select the edit button to update your credit card information. 

Once you select edit the screen below will appear. You can make all necessary changes here and hit save when you are done. After making the changes it will take you back to your Payment Portal and will show your updated information.