Stream Stability

There are many different things that could be affecting your stream quality. This guide will take you through some basic troubleshooting to ensure that you’re all set up correctly and will help you troubleshoot what your issue may be.

We are working hard every day testing and improving the service so don’t think that because these steps didn’t work you can never stream on Glimesh. It may just be the right fix going in place for you to have a successful stream so keep an eye on #site-updates. Also feel free to experiment and report on what works for you. These settings should be the best available options but some user’s networks may have better success with other encoder settings.

Any questions feel free to reach out to #streaming-help via our discord or


FTL - Faster than light, an ultra-low-latency streaming protocol originally used by Mixer and now being used by to deliver sub-second stream latency
OBS - Open Broadcaster Software (

Stream Stability

Audio out of Sync with Video

If you are experiencing audio that is several seconds behind your video this is a known issue we are investigating. Please reach out to support via the #streaming-help channel in Discord.

We also recommend checking your OBS settings. Please try our recommended encoder settings and then use the OBS log analyzer to check for common issues by going to the Help menu -> Log Files -> Upload Last Log File and then select Analyze. Or go to directly.


There are several potential issues that cause stuttering or video dropping out on a stream.

Try a Lower Bitrate
A good first troubleshooting step is to try a lower video bitrate. Please note that low-latency streaming using FTL to can be very sensitive to network quality or other activity on your network. Downloading a file or even loading the next song in your music player can cause small delays in delivering video data that result in stuttering or dropped frames for your viewers. This is why we recommend streaming at well below the advertised upload speed of your connection.

Run OBS as Admin
This allows OBS to set itself as higher priority than other tasks on your computer, which can help prevent encoding delay in some cases. If you see a non-zero value for the "Frames missed due to rendering lag" stat in the Stats window under View > Stats, then this step is likely to help.

Network Troubleshooting
If you are seeing pauses or video dropping out at random in your stream, jump to the section on Network Issues.

If you are seeing small pauses in your stream video every two seconds this is a known issue we are investigating. It happens primarily on mostly static video, during normal gameplay where there is lots of motion the issue should go away. The only workaround right now is to lower your video bitrate and/or switch to the high profile. Please feel free to reach out to support via the #streaming-help channel in Discord and we may be able to help directly with this issue.

If this has not solved your problem please try the following guides:
Audio Troubleshooting Guide