General OBS Troubleshooting

There are many different things that could be affecting your stream quality. This guide will take you through some basic troubleshooting to ensure that you’re all set up correctly and will help you troubleshoot what your issue may be.

We are working hard every day testing and improving the service so don’t think that because these steps didn’t work you can never stream on Glimesh. It may just be the right fix going in place for you to have a successful stream so keep an eye on #site-updates. Also feel free to experiment and report on what works for you. These settings should be the best available options but some user’s networks may have better success with other encoder settings.

Any questions feel free to reach out to #streaming-help via our discord or


FTL - Faster than light, an ultra-low-latency streaming protocol originally used by Mixer and now being used by to deliver sub-second stream latency
OBS - Open Broadcaster Software (

General OBS Troubleshooting

For issues specific to check this guide and please feel free to contact our support team. When you contact us it is often useful to include your OBS logs, these can be found under OBS Help menu > Log Files.

For general OBS issues we recommend first trying the OBS log analyzer to check for common issues by going to the Help menu -> Log Files -> Upload Last Log File and then select Analyze. Or go to directly. You can also post to the OBS support forums:

For more specific issues please check out the following guides: