Audio Troubleshooting Guide

There are a lot of things that could be giving you audio issues. We have compiled a small guide with a couple of known issues and some ways you can troubleshoot your issue.
If you are still having problems after trying these solutions, feel free to reach out in #streaming-help via our discord or

Buzzing sound while streaming

If you find yourself in a situation where you can hear a deep bass buzz while streaming, we have found that there is a setting in OBS advanced audio that stops this happening.

When you open up OBS you will want to click on settings, then on the left hand side click on Audio. You should have the Channels set to Stereo, as the issue that was found stemmed from the channels being set to 2.1. That extra audio channel then seems to just emanate itself as a buzzing sound.

Audio out of sync

If you are experiencing audio that is several seconds behind your video, this is a known issue we are investigating. Please reach out to support via the #streaming-help channel in Discord.

We also recommend checking your OBS settings. Please try our recommended encoder settings and then use the OBS log analyzer to check for common issues by going to the Help menu -> Log Files -> Upload Last Log File, and then select Analyze. Or go to directly.

One fix we do currently know of is that setting your stream settings to the recommended settings, which can be found here: Troubleshooting Guides - Stream Quality and Latency can fix the issue. However if this is not the case, we would definitely recommend the above steps of contacting us either via the discord or our email

A temporary fix however would be to use the in-built delay settings in OBS to re-sync your audio/video. You can access this by right clicking in the OBS audio mixer, and selecting Advanced audio settings. Then you need to adjust the delay using the Sync Offset settings. This can take time to get just right and may require you doing this each time you stream as the delay may fluctuate, but we would recommend this as a very last resort.


If this has not solved your problem please try the following guides: