How to filter streams

If you are a viewer and need help finding the content you want to watch, we offer you three ways to filter all the streams that are currently live.
Once you are in the Gaming, Art, Tech, IRL, or Education category, you will notice three filter boxes.


The first one filters for the sub-category and has a different name in each category.
  • Gaming - Game
  • Art- Style
  • Music - Genre
  • Tech, IRL, and Education - Topic
The sub-category describes the main focus of the current stream. So  Apex Legends streamers will select said game as their sub-category, digital artists might use Digital Art, and so on.
When you click on that box you will only see a limited list of available sub-categories. That is because only currently used items will be shown in said list.
Once you choose a sub-category of your choice, you will only see streams that use said category.


Tags are used by streamers to describe their stream or themselves further.
So if you are looking for a variety streamer,  you would have to put in the tag "Variety Streamer", which filters out streamers who don't use the tag currently.
If you type in a tag that currently is not used, it will automatically disappear in your search field. When you start typing, it will recommend tags that are being used as an auto-complete option.


You also can filter streams by their language. The languages are listed in what they are called in their own language. So if you are looking for a Finnish stream, you'd have to choose "Suomi" in the list, for German "Deutsch" and so on. Only streams who chose it as their primary language will be listed under the chosen language.
A little tip: some people stream bilingual. Hence why they might choose one of those languages as their primary language but put the second or both languages into their tags too.

Those tools can be used separately if you have no specific preferences, however, using them in combination will give you results fitted to your likings.

To remove the filters, you just have to press "Remove Filters". Then every stream in the bigger category will be shown again.

Example of usage

Say you are in the mood for watching a German Kingdom Hearts Final Mix stream, and the streamer is fairly new to streaming.
Navigate to the Gaming category. In Games search for "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix", in Tags put in "New Streamer" and in Language "Deutsch".
Oh, you are lucky! You found a stream with said description! If that isn't a perfect match :)