Missing features

Missing features within the Glimesh mobile app

Due to the early nature of the mobile app, you may notice some features missing that are part of the web browser experience. Some of these are listed below.

Streaming functionality

At this stage there is no functionality to stream via the mobile app. It is only able to view current streams.

The support button

Currently there is no support button for the app, therefore the links to subscribe, donate or visit the Streamloots page of the creator are not available via the app. 

Whilst we would love to add these features in, there are some regulations around in app transactions which would need to be worked through in order to stay true to Glimesh values.

If you want to support a creator consider waiting until you are at a PC, or viewing the stream via your phones mobile browser, which will allow you to use the support button.

The ability to edit profile and channel information

You are currently unable to edit your profile or channel information. This includes all profile fields, display picture, display name, pronouns, social media links and profile content. It also includes current information about your channel such as the channel title, tags, category and game.

Moderation tools

The moderation tools such as ban and time out buttons are not currently incorporated into the current build of the app.

Emote selector in chat

Emotes can still be used and viewed within the mobile app, however there is currently no popup selector so you will need to type in the emote name. More information can be found here in this article.

Push notifications

The current build of the app does not have the ability to send push notifications (ie when someone follows you, or when someone you follow goes live etc).