Changing Default Payment Methods / Channel Subscriptions

Changing / Updating Default Payment Method

This article contains some vital information about how your card information and the subscription system works.

If you need to change your card details for a subscription, you will first need to ensure that you cancel any current subscriptions to any channels on the platform.

If you do not do this, the subscription will continue to be charged to the payment details you originally subscribed with. For more information on how to cancel a subscription, you can refer to this link:

Once cancelled, your payments portal will show you when that subscription is due to end (as subscriptions are billed monthly, this will be until the end of the month billing term). You will need to wait until the end of that billing term to re-subscribe with your new or updated card details.

For more information relating to subscriptions, your payment portal, and updating credit card information for payouts, you can check here: