Downloading The Mobile App & Logging In

About This Guide

This guide will take you through how to download the Glimesh Mobile App and Log in:
  1. Downloading on iOS
  2. Downloading On Android
  3. Logging In
  4. Extra Protection

Part 1: Downloading on iOS

Navigate to the App Store on your mobile device. Using the search tab, type in Glimesh.
Tap the "Get" button. The app is free!

Description: The iOS store with Glimesh in the search bar and the option to get the app in the store. 

Part 2: Downloading On Android

Navigate to your Android's Google Play Store on your mobile device. Using the search tab, type in Glimesh.

Tap the "Install" button.

Description: Image of the install screen for the Glimesh app in the android app store.

Part 3: Logging In 

Upon opening the Glimesh app, you will immediately see the six categories where you can find streams. You can browse at your leisure without an account, but in order to access the chat feature, your profile, personal settings, and favorite streams, you'll need to log in or register.

Description: Image of the mobile app chat screen with the chat bar prompting to log in to chat. The login button on the far right side is outlined in red.

Tap the triple dash icon in the top left, and then tap "Login" on the side menu that appears.


Description: 3 Images showing the log in process. 1. The top 3 bars at the very top left are outlined in red. 2. The login button is outlined in red. 3. The login or register button is in the middle of the screen underneath the Glimesh logo. 

You will temporarily be navigated to your mobile device's default browser so that you can register an account, or log in with your preexisting account.

For your convenience, we offer the option for you to remain logged in for 60 days.

Descrption: The Log in screen on the Glimesh website. Boxes for email or username is shown with password underneath. Underneath these fields is a tickbox to stay logged in for 60 days. 

Part 4: Extra Protection

If you have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) activated on your Glimesh account, you will now be prompted to enter your 2FA Code. You can use an app on your mobile device or PC to get the code.

Description: The 2FA prompt screen with a box to type in your code and a blue button labeled login in the right side. 

To activate 2FA and provide your account with an added layer of protection, click here for a guide through the set up process.

You are now logged in! Select a category to get started, or swipe up to check out one of our many featured streams!

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