Reporting Bugs For The Mobile App

About This Guide

This guide will take you through how to report bugs for the mobile app:
  1. Where/When Should I Report A Bug?
  2. Bugs Vs. Suggestions

Part 1: Where/When Should I Report A Bug?

Before you report a bug, please first check our bugs trello to see if your bug has already been recorded for our team to investigate.

You can also scan the following QR code to get a link directly to our bugs trello:

If your bug does not appear on our trello, then please head over to the bugs channel in our Discord, or email

When reporting your bug through, please include the following information:

  • What model phone you are using
  • What Android / iOS version your phone is running
  • What version number of the app you are running
  • Screenshots or a Screen Recording where possible
  • As much information about the bug as you are able to give

Part 2: Bugs Vs. Suggestions

Before reporting something, stop and consider: Is what I am reporting a bug or a suggestion for a feature which does not yet exist?

If something isn't working as it should, it's a bug! (example: "When I leave the app and return, I can't leave the stream and have to force close").

If it is something that doesn't exist, it's likely a suggestion! (example: "There is no audio-only option for streams.")

Both bugs and suggestions are reported on discord. Making sure to post in the correct channel will make sure we have the correct information to process either one! If you are unsure, report in the bugs channel and if necessary we can direct you to the appropriate place.