Mobile App Navigation Guide

About This Guide

This guide will help you with navigating the Glimesh Mobile App: 
  1. Opening The App
  2. Log In And Settings
  3. Personalized Tabs
  4. Viewing Profiles And Interacting With Streams
  5. Chat And Follow
  6. More Details

Part 1: Opening The App

Description: Two Images side by side, the first shows the main screen of the Glimesh mobile app with the streaming categories for Gaming, Art, Music, Tech, Irl, and Education displayed. The second image shows some of the streams which are featured on the homepage of Glimesh below these streaming categories. 

After logging in, you will always open the app to the “Browse” tab, where you can see the six streaming categories. Here, you can immediately tap any category to start exploring! You can also swipe up and check out our many featured streamers, who are rotating through the Glimesh homepage each hour.

Description: Image shows the bottom bar of the mobile app with options (from left to right) for Profile, Browse and Following.

You can find the Profile, Browse, and Following tabs at the bottom of your screen. Your current tab will be highlighted in blue.

Part 2: Log In And Settings

Description: 3 Images showing the login and settings locations. 1. The top 3 bars at the very top left are outlined in red. 2. The login button and settings buttons are shown. 3. The settings menu is showing with options for theme, language and bypassing mature content warnings displayed.

There is a triple dash icon in the top left corner. When tapped, this opens a menu from the left that is used to Login or Sign Out of the mobile app. From here, you also have access to the Settings menu to enhance your personal experience. Settings include a light and dark mode, personal language preference, and a toggle switch to bypass the Mature Content warnings.


Some features do required you to be logged in.

Tap anywhere outside of the menu when you’re ready to tuck it away.

Part 3: Personalized Tabs

In addition to the Browse tab, there are two tabs which will be unique to you; your Profile tab, and the Following tab. These become available to you after you've logged in.

Description: Image showing the mobile app users profile after logging in and clicking the profile icon on the left of the bottom bar.

The Profile tab allows you to view your Glimesh profile in the mobile form! You can also access any social media that you have included in your profile via their respective icons under your picture. At this time, you are able to edit your profile via browser only.

Description: Image showing the mobile app users follow streams after logging in and clicking the following icon on the right of the bottom bar.

Tapping the Following tab will show you live streams from your very own list of Followed/Subscribed streamers.

Part 4: Viewing Profiles And Interacting With Streams

When you look at any stream thumbnail, you’re able to see a recent still frame of their stream with their chosen tags along the top, as well as the streamer’s profile picture and stream title along the bottom.

Description: Two images side by side, the first shows the streaming categories view for gaming, and the second shows you a streamer's profile, which you can reach by clicking the profile picture of the streamer.

To view the stream, tap anywhere on the video. To view the streamer’s profile, you can tap on their profile picture!

Description: Image showing the mature content warning on the mobile app which reads "The streamer has flagged this channel as only appropriate for Mature Audiences. Do you wish to continue?", with a button at the bottom to click to agree and view the channel.

Some streams may be flagged for Mature Content and will ask if you wish to continue. You can turn this filter on or off in your Settings.

Part 5: Chat And Follow

Once you’ve opened a stream, you can view it in portrait mode to include and participate in the chat, or you can turn your mobile device landscape to enjoy the stream in its entirety. 

Description: Image showing the chat of a stream on Glimesh, the send message button is highlighted in the bottom right corner.

Love the stream? Go ahead and drop them a follow using the blue Follow button!

Part 6: More Details

Description: Two images side by side show how to click on the streamer's details below the streaming video to expand it and see more tags.

You can take a better look at your selected stream's details by tapping on the title of the stream during your view! Tap the title again to hide the details.

Description: Image shows a stream in landscape mode with the back button in the top left corner highlighted, which will take you back to the previous page.

To go back and browse other streams, tap the small white arrow in the top left corner of the current live stream. You also have the option to swipe to the right from the leftmost part of your screen to return to a previous page.

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