Using Emotes With The Mobile App

About This Guide

This guide will explain how to use emotes on the mobile app:
  1. Using Emotes
  2. Static Emotes Key
  3. Animated Emotes Key

Part 1: Using Emotes

On the Glimesh mobile app, you can both view and use Emotes. At present, however, the app does not have an emote picker. In order to use emotes, you will need to know the name of the emote and type that into the chat box, as shown below:

Description: Image showing the chicken stream on glimesh with a chicken emote shown in chat, in the chat box is the words :glimchicken: which is the key for using that emote in the mobile app.

Part 2: Static Emotes Key

Until the app gets an emote picker, we have created a list of all the Glimdrops on the Glimesh site so you can find their names and use them with ease:

Glimdrop Image Glimdrop Name Glimdrop Image Glimdrop Name Glimdrop Image Glimdrop Name







:glimcontroller: :glimcrazy:
:glimcry: :glimd20: :glimdog:
:glimdracula: :glimdragon: :glimdropbear:
:glimcringe: :glimeyeroll: :glimfacepalm:
:glimfairy: :glimfam: :glimfood:
:glimfrank: :glimfrog: :glimgaymen:
:glimgcx: :glimgoatee: :glimgremlin:
:glimheart: :glimhockeymask: :glimhydrate:
:glimhype: :glimintersex: :glimkai:
:glimkillerclown: :glimking: :glimkoala:
:glimlesbian: :glimlighter: :glimllama:
:glimlock: :glimlol: :glimlove:
:glimlul: :glimmoney: :glimmoustache:
:glimnerd: :glimnonbinary: :glimocto:
:glimogpride: :glimotamatone: :glimpan:
:glimphilly: :glimpizza: :glimpride:
:glimpridesmile: :glimprofessor: :glimprogress:
:glimrip: :glimrocket: :glimrose:
:glimsad: :glimsalute: :glimsayan:
:glimshark: :glimsick: :glimsleepy:
:glimsmile: :glimspace: :glimspam:
:glimstudy: :glimtaco: :glimthink:
:glimthis: :glimtongue: :glimtrans:
:glimtroll: :glimuwu: :glimwaffle:
:glimwink: :glimwolfman: :glimwow:
:glimxd: :glimxmasbulb: :glimxmashat:
:glimxmastree: :glimzombie: :pacotaco:

Part 3: Animated Emotes Key

For those of you who are subscribed to Glimesh through our platform subscription, you will also be able to use GIFs for which you can find the names here: