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About This Guide

This guide will give you a list of all the major links for all things Glimesh-related. 
  1. Discord
  2. Building Glimesh
  3. Glimesh Shop
  4. Support Site
  5. Twitter
  6. Github
  7. API

Part 1: Discord

Discord is the primary way of connecting with Glimesh on a day-to-day basis. Here we discuss ideas, chat about life and hang out with the community outside of streams. 

Part 2: Building Glimesh

Building Glimesh is our more structured format for planning out ideas in depth and discussing suggestions from the community. Building Glimesh is a forum and allows for in-detail discussion, and sharing of ideas and plans. You can also keep up to date on all our monthly board meetings via the blog section - handy for reading up on what is happening in and around Glimesh.
You will need a Glimesh account in order to use the Building Glimesh website. 

Part 3: Glimesh Shop

Want to represent Glimesh on the go? Check out our shop for official Glimesh merchandise. 

Part 4: Support Site

The support site is your one-stop shop for guides and tips relating to all things Glimesh.

Part 5: Twitter

Twitter is our primary social media platform, we will post updates about upcoming events, feature releases, and more here.

Part 6: Github

Glimesh is an open-source company and our code is available on Github. If you would like to get involved in developing for Glimesh please had to our Github and have a look. 

Part 7: API

If you are wanting to develop a bot or application for Glimesh you will need access to our API. You can find all the information you require in our API documentation.

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