Adding Glimesh as a Stream Service in OBS or SLOBS

Please be aware that the patcher is still experimental. Report any bugs in the #bugs channel on our Discord server so we can try to solve them!

If you are encountering an issue streaming to other platforms, please try the new Glimesh OBS Service Patcher!

OBS Studio

Glimesh had been officially added to OBS Studio as a streaming service, which means you should already be good to go and you can follow our guide to setting up your OBS Stream Settings. OBS Studio Setup Guide

If you do not see Glimesh in your OBS Studio Stream Services list, make sure OBS is up to date, if that still doesn't work we've created a patcher that will help you get going! You can continue down below to the "Running the Glimesh OBS Service Patcher" section below.

Streamlabs OBS

Unfortunately, Streamlabs has declined to directly integrate with Glimesh at this time. Thankfully we've provided a patcher for all of you Streamlabs OBS users so you can get going before that! Once you've ran the patcher, you can visit the SLOBS Setup Guide for more detailed configuration.

Running the Glimesh OBS Service Patcher
In order to make sure everyone can stream to Glimesh on day one, we've created an executable-based patcher that can get you up and running. Since this patcher is just a simple script, many operating systems will warn you about running it. If you are concerned about that, we also have a section below that includes adding Glimesh manually to your services list.

The complete source of the Glimesh OBS Service Patcher is available at

Step 1. Download the necessary file
We've bundled the Glimesh OBS Service Patcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux and each one has the same installation steps. You'll need to download, unzip, and then double-click on the installer. You can find Windows and Mac at the bottom of this guide. A full list of installers are here:

Step 2. Unzip the package
You can unzip the downloaded package using your operating systems built-in unzipper.

Step 3. Install
Double click the glimesh-obs-service-patcher file in the extracted directory to start the process, you may need to run the executable as Administrator on Windows, or on a Mac you'll need to let the executable run past Mac's security pane.

If you get prompted with "Windows protected your PC", you'll need to click "More info" and then Run anyway to continue the patching.

A successful patch will what files it found and what it patched.

Step 4. Check OBS / SLOBS
After the program runs, it should tell you exactly which files it updated and what applications it found. You should be good to close the program and open up either OBS or Streamlabs and find Glimesh in the service list.

OBS Setup Guide: OBS Studio Setup Guide
Streamlabs OBS Setup Guide: SLOBS Setup Guide

If you still don't see Glimesh in OBS Studio:
As a final last step, you can clear some of your OBS Studio cache by:

1. Completely stopping OBS.
2. Press Windows Key + R, paste this in %AppData%\obs-studio press enter
3. Go in the plugin_config folder and rename rtmp-services to literally rtmp-services-backup
4. Start OBS

If this still doesn't work, join our Discord and open up a ticket in #streaming-help!

Adding Glimesh to your OBS services list manually
If you decide you'd rather make the changes yourself that's perfectly fine. However, you will need to be comfortable modifying JSON files in hidden areas of your computer.

Step 1. Find the location of your OBS Services file
OBS Windows: %AppData%\obs-studio\plugin_config\rtmp-services\services.json
SLOBS Windows: C:\Program Files\Streamlabs OBS\resources\app.asar.unpacked\node_modules\obs-studio-node\data\obs-plugins\rtmp-services\services.json

OBS Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugin_config/rtmp-services/services.json
SLOBS Mac: /Applications/Streamlabs

OBS Linux: ~/.config/obs-studio/plugin_config/rtmp-services/services.json
SLOBS Linux: Unknown.

Step 2. Add Glimesh
Using your favorite JSON-capable code editor, open the services.json and add a Glimesh definition to the end of the file. You'll need to make sure you format the JSON file properly.