Username Release Policy

Usernames on Glimesh are on a first come, first served basis and are intended for immediate and active use on the platform.

What if the username I want is already taken or appears inactive?

If the username you want has already been claimed, consider other names or unique variations. Using a number, hyphen, or an alternative spelling might help you identify a desirable username that is still available.

Keep in mind that not all activity on Glimesh is publicly visible and not all accounts are streamers. Accounts with no visible activity (e.g. a channel, linked socials, customized profile, chat messages/interactions, etc.) may be in active use.

Impersonation & Trademark Policy

If you believe that a user is impersonating you, please report the user from their profile or send a ticket to Keep in mind someone registering your desired username first is NOT an act of impersonation. Impersonation includes activities such as:

  • Using details that are common knowledge to your community to portray you (e.g. events you may have participated in, details about your life that you have shared, details about your streaming career)

  • Using your banners or imagery on their channel/profile

  • Using your avatar imagery as their own

  • Claiming ownership of your social media or streaming accounts on other platforms.

Glimesh is not equipped to determine the merits of a trademark claim between you and another user. Any trademark disputes will need to be settled outside of Glimesh between the two parties. If you have found that someone is violating your trademark rights and you have a proper takedown notice, please contact us at

Username Release Policy

Glimesh will recycle and release usernames upon request if the username in question meets either circumstance outlined below:

  • If a user has not verified their email address after 30 days of registering their account, Glimesh will contact the user to request verification. If the user does not verify their email or respond in 15 days, the account will be deleted and the username will be released for re-registration.

  • If a user with a verified email address has not logged in to their account for 12 months, Glimesh will contact the user to notify them that if they do not log in to their account in the next 30 days that their account will be deleted and username released for re-registration.

If the desired username does not meet either circumstance, Glimesh will not release the username for re-registration. Glimesh will not provide any estimated timelines for when a username is eligible to be released. Glimesh will not notify the public, or a particular individual, or post an announcement when a username is eligible to be released.

Prior to releasing the username for re-registration, Glimesh will remove all profile information associated with the account. Glimesh will not take requests for specific usernames to be released.

Username Change

If a user wishes to change their username, they must contact Users can only change their username once every 30 days. Changing a username will not circumvent a channel ban. When a user changes their name, the previous name will be released for re-registration immediately.

Username Transfer

You may reach out to a user with the same username. If that user has consented to transferring the username both users must email One user must request the change and the other user must express consent. Both users must also give their desired Usernames.

Glimesh will not reach out to a user on behalf of a username that has been taken.