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About this Guide

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the Glimesh Events Team:
  1. What Does Being Featured Mean?
  2. What Qualifies As An Event?
  3. How To Apply

Glimesh wants to support you, our community, so that you can have successful streaming events whether for charity or for fun! That's why we formed the Glimesh Events Team!

Part 1: What Does Being Featured Mean?

Being featured means we will do a few things to help you out: We will share your event on our social media and add an event-unique graphic (provided by you) to our events calendar on our website. We will also feature you on the homepage of Glimesh for up to 24 hours!
Please be aware that while we are happy to give some feedback and opinions, we are not able to help you organize or plan your event nor can we offer help to recruit people to take part. Be sure your event is planned and ready when you submit your form. If your event is set to last longer than 24 hours, you will need to choose which day during your event you'd like to be featured. You can apply to have an event featured with us once every 30 days.

Description: Image of the Glimesh Events Calendar showing dots under each date with an event, the key beneath shows what type of event is represented by each color dot, from left to right: Green is GCT Event, Blue is Community Event, Red is official Glimesh event and Rainbow is Pride Event.

Part 2: What Qualifies As An Event?

From charities to tournaments, hobby streams to game release marathons, we look forward to seeing the amazing events put on by our community! Events can also be celebrations, hype for a good cause, or simply to spread a good word and have fun! An acceptable event should be able to answer the questions: What is the purpose of this stream, and how is it different from a normal stream? If you are unsure if your event will qualify, feel free to submit an application and we will let you know!

All events need to meet the following set of requirements to be considered:
  • Your event must be fully planned out and ready to go at the time of submission
  • Your event form must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of your event
  • All event activities and milestones must meet our terms of service and follow our rules of conduct as outlined here:

Description: Image showing the featured events column on the events page showing information about a community event including event image and link to the channel hosting the event. This includes a countdown to the event shown in your local time. 

Description: Image showing the event calendar in discord with a featured event, people in the discord can click to show their interest and will get a push notification from discord when the event is live. 

Part 3: How To Apply

To apply to have your event featured, you can visit the Glimesh Events page and click the "Submit Event" button beneath the calendar!

Description: Image of the Having an event? Section of the events page with a large teal button labeled submit event. 

When you fill out your event form, please provide as much information about your event as possible!
Once your event form has been submitted, a team member will contact you via the e-mail provided to set up a meeting via Discord or Guilded where we can get any questions or clarifications sorted. Be prepared to go over your event in detail with the team, and be ready to provide us with your unique artwork/graphic that you'd like us to use for your event promotion.

We will need two images, in the following sizes:
  • Discord image size: 1000 x 400 px
  • Instagram image size: 1080 x 1080 px

Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines. Submit your event here! Our team is looking forward to it!

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